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  Artist Title Label Description Format Condition Price  
  AGF / Kyborg / Sarah Marrs / Peabody & Sherman  Tschikago 2.001 Crosstalk  2002 original press, clear vinyl 12"single M-  8.00 add to cart
  Alejandra & Aeron / QT?  Split Series #13 FatCat Records  2001 original press, strong VG+ vinyl, custom inner sleeve, ... 12"single VG+;M-  5.00 add to cart
  Attrition  Smiling, At The Hypogonder Club Third Mind  Original UK pressing of 1985 LP by long running experimental... LP M-;VG+  9.00 add to cart
  Aube  Cerebral Disturbance Anomalous Records  1998 original picture disc, comes in heavy silk-screened pla... LP M-;VG+  12.00 add to cart
  Aube  Sensorial Inducement Alien8 Recordings  2000 original press, clear vinyl limited edition #302/509 LP M-  22.00 add to cart
Autopsia  The Knife Staalplaat  1989 12"single 15.00 add to cart
  Bedford, David  Instructions For Angels Virgin  Original UK pressing 1977, very minor corner wear, die cut i... LP M-;VG+  12.00 add to cart
  Bedford, David  Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, The Virgin  Virgin UK pressing 1975. LP M-;VG+  7.00 add to cart
  Bedford, David  Star's End Virgin  Original UK pressing 1974. Small amount of corner wear, nice... LP M-;VG+  8.00 add to cart
  Bedford, David  Star's End Virgin  1974 original press, cover has small cutout sawmark LP SS  15.00 add to cart
  Beequeen  Surrough Gate, The Ant.Zen  Great and disquieting minimalist electronics and experimenta... 10"vinyl M-  15.00 add to cart
  Bombay Ducks, The  Dance Music United Dairies  1981 original UK press, cover has small partial seam split o... LP M-;VG+  38.00 add to cart
  Brother J.T.  Vibrolux Bedlam  original press, silkscreened front cover, limited edition #3... LP M-  25.00 add to cart
Brother JT  Holy Ghost Stories Bedlam  Original pressing, handscreened cover, insert included. Viny... LP VG+;M-  30.00 add to cart
C.C.C.C.  Community Center Cyber Crash- Live in Pittsburgh Endorphine Factory  Original pressing of 1992 live performance. Very rare. Cover... LP VG+  40.00 add to cart
  Cabaret Voltaire  Johnny Yesno Doublevision  1983, soundtrack LP 15.00 add to cart
  Cabaret Voltaire  Radiation Get Back  Get Back reissue of recordings made in BBC studios in the ea... LP VG+;M-  10.00 add to cart
  Cabaret Voltaire  Voice Of America, The Go International/Base  Italian pressing, vinyl very nice. Cover has light surface a... LP M-;VG+  15.00 add to cart
  Casino Versus Japan  Via Wobblyhead  2001 original press, 2 tracks, strong VG+ vinyl, PS 10"single VG+;M-  15.00 add to cart
  Colley, Joe / Crawl Unit  Sound Until The World Ends ERS  2001 original press, 2 long tracks LP M-  20.00 add to cart

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