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  Artist Title Label Description Format Condition Price  
  1.8.7.  The Cities Collection Jungle Sky  2000, 9 tracks CD SS  12.00 add to cart
  4 Hero  Star Chasers Talkin Loud  1998, 3 tracks CDsingle 15.00 add to cart
  4 Hero  Star Chasers - 3 mixes Talkin Loud  1998, 3 mixes CDsingle 7.00 add to cart
  Adam F  F Jam F-Jams  1996, 4 mixes CDsingle 7.00 add to cart
Anoesis  Shatter Octopus  1997 CDsingle 10.00 add to cart
Armitage Shanks  Stoke-On-Trent R&S  1997 CDsingle SS  7.00 add to cart
Art Of Noise  Drum And Bass Collection China  1996 CD 10.00 add to cart
Artemis & New Balance  Split Good Looking  1997, digipak CDsingle M;M-  10.00 add to cart
  Audioweb  Test The Theory Mother Records  1999, 3 mixes, digipack sleeve CDsingle M;M-  7.00 add to cart
  Axis / Universal  One In Ten /Dusted / Groove Therapy/ Live Session Good Looking  Two tracks by Axis, two tracks by Universal - digipack sleev... CDsingle M;M-  12.00 add to cart
  Baby D  So Pure Systematic  1996, 4 tracks CDsingle 7.00 add to cart
  Balistic Brothers vs. Eccentric Afros  Volume 1 Delancey Street  8 tracks CD 18.00 add to cart
  Ballistic Brothers  Peckings/Come On Junior Boys Own  1995, 3 tracks CDsingle 7.00 add to cart
Basic Unit  Timeline Nocturnal  1997, 11 tracks CD 25.00 add to cart
  Bass Time Continuum  Bass Junkie Breakin'  1999 CD 20.00 add to cart
  Bay B Kane  The Guardian Of Ruff Whitehouse  1994, 14 tracks CD 50.00 add to cart
  Beyond...& Back  Revelations Mafddap  1999, 11 tracks CD SS  25.00 add to cart
Bom  Bom Bom Shevaya Ochre  1996 CD 15.00 add to cart
  Bouncer, Peter  So Here I Come Shut Up and Dance  3 mixes, paperboard sleeve with some edge wear CDsingle VG+  7.00 add to cart
  Breakbeat Era  Bullitproof XL Recording  2000, 3 mixes, cardboard sleeve CDsingle M;M-  7.00 add to cart

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