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  Artist Title Label Description Format Condition Price  
  Algrena  Tonrader Erdgut  1999, 10 tracks CD M-  7.00 add to cart
  Armageddon Dildos  Homicidal Maniac Zoth Ommog  1992, 4 tracks CDsingle 10.00 add to cart
  Bertoia, Harry  Happy Spirit Sonambient  2001, 3 tracks, comes in CD style jewel case CD M-;M  40.00 add to cart
  Clock DVA  Bitstream Contempo  1992, 7 tracks CDsingle M-  20.00 add to cart
  Clock DVA  Man-Amplified Contempo Records, Cargo Records  1992, 10 tracks CD M-  45.00 add to cart
Cobalt 60  Elemental Edel  1996 CD 15.00 add to cart
  Consolidated  The Myth of Rock Antler Subway  20 tracks CD SS  10.00 add to cart
  Dial  Distance Runner CEDE  2000, 14 tracks, disc has some scuffs CD VG+;M-  12.00 add to cart
  Digital Poodle  Division! Luddite  1994, 10 tracks CD 7.00 add to cart
  Digtal Poodle  Division! DOVe  1994 CD 20.00 add to cart
  Excessive Force  Blitzkrieg Wax Trax  1993, 3 tracks CDsingle 7.00 add to cart
  Force Dimension  Algorhythm KK Records  4 mixes, paperboard sleeve CDsingle SS  30.00 add to cart
  Front Line Assembly  Caustic Grip Third Mind Records  Austria, 10 tracks CD SS  15.00 add to cart
  Ice  Bad Blood Reprise  1998, 7 tracks CD SS  18.00 add to cart
Killing Joke  Democracy Big Life  1996 CD 10.00 add to cart
Killing Joke  Pandemonium Butterfly  1994, 5 mixes CDsingle 7.00 add to cart
  Kode IV  Insane Cargo  1992, 5 tracks, promo stamp on front of booklet CDsingle M-  7.00 add to cart
  Konzept  Hypnautic Beats New Zone  1990, 2 tracks CDsingle 25.00 add to cart
  Konzept  Last Night (N.W. Remix) New Zone  CDsingle 18.00 add to cart
  Meat Beat Manifesto  Transmission Play It Again Sam  1996, 3 mixes + Mad Bomber/The Woods, sealed copy CDsingle 10.00 add to cart

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